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It was just a dream? But it felt so real.
I must have lost consciousness trying to escape the storm.
There are many unanswered questions, but... they'll have to wait.

What I'm looking at right now will never be explained.
The being I've searched for towers over my ship.
A formless figure composed of radiant powdered grains,
shifting through the darkness with an unnatural grace.

There's no defining shape, but I can somehow feel its presence.
I doubt that our eyes are even capable of
seeing this creature in its entirety. It's as curious of me
as I am of it. I accelerate forward, more confident than ever.

Everything has lead to this moment. Hard work. Sacrifice.
It was all worth it. If I were to die right now, I would die
knowing that there is something greater than us.
Before now, no one has been able to prove that.
With this discovery, the most significant question posed by our
civilization has been answered.

I think it's trying to communicate.
A steady pressure builds up in my forehead.
It's digging around my mind. I try to speak
but my mouth is sealed shut.

Black grains flow out of the control panel and
work their way into my skin. Panic takes over!

I begin violently smashing buttons.
The being roars with trembling power!
The grains launch into chaos, spiraling into oblivion.
I need to get out! Which way is out?!

“Thrusters to 633 at forward velocity! Enable power coupling. AHH!”

The energy from the explosion expands and contracts.
Brilliant colors ripple through space and time,
contorting our dimensions. On settling, sinewy blue streaks gyrate
peacefully around the ship. My pulsating heart begins to slow.

I'm being pulled towards an exit. Golden light prevents me
from seeing beyond it. The light grows brighter, nearly blinding me.
It obliterates the tunnel, revealing a sea of milky clouds.

The Didinax Explorer is critically damaged, but once again
under my control. All scanners are offline. Never have I been
so confused. Anticipation builds as I drop in altitude. The last clouds
break away, revealing something that I know to be impossible...

Fields of flowers rest under an open ocean, contrasting the
amethyst caves of Terratan. I can't believe my eyes.
Wildlife is diverse, plentiful, and thriving.
Creamy clouds blanket the watercolors of the stratosphere.
I veer the ship towards the primordial forests of the Adrokan Isles,
landing on the adjacent sand plains.

The cabin doors rise, and a crisp ocean breeze flows in.
I walk outside for the freshest breath of air I've ever taken.

Soft pine and salty air brings me to a simpler time.
My legs charge forward without permission, strutting
to an unknown destination. A withered boulder protrudes
from the untouched soil, standing tall and proud.

The child in me grips the mossy rock and begins climbing.
On reaching the peak, ten more paces reward me
with a sight like no other.

Twin suns set over our iridescent ocean, revealing a
trio of frosted moons. Beneath them, a herd of
phylopeds glide swiftly through the gentle waves.

But how is this possible? What happened?
Is this real? I need answers.


from Quaternion, released February 17, 2016
Music and Story: Type-I
Album Artist: Martina Stipan
Story Editor: Max Al-Shawbkeh
Special thanks: Special Najand



all rights reserved


Type-I Los Angeles, California

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