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The Exa'Vyr mountains once housed the greatest city on
all of Aryxia, but this is not an Aryxia that I've ever known.
I've searched far and wide for other intelligent life,
and have found nothing that could bring me any closer
to the answers I seek.

Where I really am, is an enigma. Maybe this is a
parallel universe, and intelligent life has never evolved on the planet?
Maybe I'm simply living in a time that predates my civilization?
Without the proper tools, these questions will remain a mystery.

My ship is heavily damaged, and would never
break the mesosphere. I lack the technology to repair it.
Even if I could, where would I go? Only after traveling across
the galaxy do you realize how small you are.

It's hard to forget those who gave you so much to remember.
My advice is to never forget. With time, I've learned
to use both the happiest and the most sorrowful of memories
as a reminder of the incredible life I've lived.

To some my story will not have the most heartfelt of endings,
but know that in this place I have made peace with myself.
The final mission: live free of regret and enjoy the serenity.


Adrokan Isles: Large group of islands located in the southeastern Adrokan Ocean.

Aryxia: Home-world of the Aryxians.

Aryxian: Highly intelligent humanoid species.

Aryxiant: Language of the Aryxians.

Audivix: A powerful sensor capable of detecting light, electromagnetic waves, and gravitational waves. The audivix that Orin possesses has been modified to convert these readings to audible frequencies.
Cycle: The time it takes for planet Aryxia to rotate around their system's primary star.

Didinax Explorer: Pronounced Eloyx Didinax in Aryxiant, this star ship is the pinnacle of Aryxian engineering. It is equipped with a Kelemter Drive, Dual Ixylta Thrusters, Rudix Based A.I, and a coat of erotonium for durability.

Didinax: A winged serpent of Aryxia. The creature from which the Didinax Explorer gets its name. Desert dwelling and able to survive off of trace amounts of water or ammonia.

Erotonium: The hardest and most expensive natural metal of Aryxia. It is nine times the strength of titanium.

Exa'Vyr: A mountain range that spans the northern part of Aryxia. It is one of the last places on Aryxia that can maintain life. It has an ecosystem similar to a semiarid desert.

Iboclen: A medical gas that is inhaled to treat pain. Excessive use can cause hallucination.

Illia-ZY: Stellar system from which the gravitational waves detected on Aryxia originated.

Kelemter Drive: Advanced engine that allows near FTL travel.
Orin of Aryxia: The protagonist and narrator of Quaternion.
Pargmy: Rare space “fireflies” that feed on microbes such as tardigrade.

Phyloped: Dolphin like water horses. Extinct on Aryxia.

SOM-Chamber: Contains the SOM-Pool.

SOM-Pool: Stasis chamber that can support life for hundreds of cycles.
Terratan: Natural wonder of Aryxia located off the southeastern coast of Adroka.


from Quaternion, released February 17, 2016
Music and Story: Type-I
Album Artist: Martina Stipan
Story Editor: Max Al-Shawbkeh



all rights reserved


Type-I Los Angeles, California

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