Diserune Ax Derif

from by Type-I

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Where am I? Where's the ship? What happened?

I force my eyes open, and realize that I'm floating
effortlessly above a glistening black lake. Solar flares paint greens
and purples across the sky. They dance to their own rhythm,
weaving through the midnight clouds. Voices echo on the wind.


“Who said that?!”

A faceless figure rises from the depths.

“This is a fool's errand. I could not have come up
with a more idiotic plan even if I tried to.”

“Shut up!”

Tears roll down my face as my head splits open.
Ribbons of silver and gold flow out of my fractured skull.
They tangle into knots and sink into the abyss.
I hear him speak again.

“You've failed yourself and your family. They died long ago.
Not from hunger, but from heartbreak.
They needed you on Aryxia, but instead you spit on them
by going on this desperate mission.”

I can't control the tears. I've lost so much, all for nothing.

“Give up. Only death can end your suffering. I can make it quick
and painless for you.”

No... not like this... I've come too far. No. NO.

“No! Don't you ever underestimate me! I've gone further than
anyone has ever gone before, and am capable of more than you
can possibly imagine! Get out. GET OUT!”

Rays of steely light break apart the world around me,
cracking the lake and shredding the sky.
I feel rejuvenated. I feel alive.


from Quaternion, released February 17, 2016
Music and Story: Type-I
Album Artist: Martina Stipan
Story Editor: Max Al-Shawbkeh



all rights reserved


Type-I Los Angeles, California

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